How to style and photograph festive drinks


Friends, allow me to introduce you to your new favourite drink, a refreshing lemon flavoured sparkling water with a slice of lemon & handful of raspberries. Shall I pour you a glass?

Six years ago in an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle I went cold turkey and stopped consuming soft drinks, but I had a hard time giving up the fizz and sparkling water was just a perfect fit. Today, you’ll always find a bottle or two of sparkling water in my fridge!

Since the new year is fast approaching, I've been looking into what habits I should let go of and what I need to keep, and sparkling water is definitely making it to 2018.

And in the spirit of the festive season and celebrating healthier habits, I would like to share with you few tips on how I styled & photographed this drink in partnership with @montelliercanada; a sparkling water sourced from Quebec, Canada!

Three things I'd like you to observe in this photoshoot:

1. Props

When planning this shoot, I knew I wanted to create a festive theme, hence the props which tell you the story while still matching the blue tones of the bottle.

Festive Props

Festive Props

2. Action Shots:

When shooting a food story, always make sure you include some action shots that entice your viewers and make them want to dig in. 

I usually set up my tripod and get the action going, but for this photoshoot specifically I had someone assist me and pour the water while I shot hand holding my camera.

Action Shots

Action Shots

3. Detail Shots:

Getting super close can really work if you are still able to tell the story and viewers can make up what you are eating or drinking.

Close ups

Close ups

I hope these tips help you capture your festive recipes this year, please feel free to connect with me if you have any questions.

For more tips, download the free guide "7 Tips To Insta Awesome Tricks" or tune in to my Instagram every Monday for my special feature #AskMahaMonday. 

Have a fantastic end to 2017!


Maha, xx





You've heard it over and over again, growing your Instagram requires crafting a beautiful feed which means you have to be consistent & post high quality pictures that tell your story.

Sounds great, except; your pictures are all over the place, the only consistent thing about your feed is lack of consistency and you can't figure out what to do & where to start. ARGHHH!

Trust me, I've been there, I know how frustrating it is, when all you want is to share what you love, yet you can't seem to have a consistent theme or prominent style. That's why I wrote this guide with you in mind.

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Welcome to The Photo Lounge


I still remember like it was was 2005 when I first held a DSLR in my hands, I silently wept as I looked through the pictures I just took that looked nothing like I what I saw with my eyes.

Everyone else looked like they knew what they were doing and their pictures looked way better than mine!

I was embarrassed and frustrated,  that little black box scared me but I was determined to crack the code...


Today I am on a mission helping others create the beautiful photos they have always imagined, this is why I created "The Photo Lounge", an online space for discussions, training and free downloads that will help you improve your "Food & Lifestyle" photography and create images that you love!

Whether you are new at this game or a seasoned photographer, I believe we all can learn from each other, so grab your favourite drink, a sweet treat (Cupcakes are highly recommended) and meet me at  The Photo Lounge...


Why hello 2017!


Can't believe it's the last Friday of 2016! Aaaah! Where did the time go?

So in celebration of the New Year, I decided to do my first "Cinemagraph" woot woot! Once I get the hang of it, I'll make sure to post a "How to create your own cinemagraph"

Also,, I want to share with you my top three goals for 2017:

1. Spend more quality time with my family and friends; be more present & engaged because in the end this is what really matters :)

2. Travel more; one of my dreams is to visit 40 countries before I turn 40 & I am kind of falling behind!

3. Sharing more training material; Photography has given me a new voice, the camera has opened up a whole new world I didn't know existed & I want to share the love and help others create beautiful pictures.

Whether you want to learn it for your own or because it will help your business, stay tuned as 2017 will bring lots of Photography tips & training material your way & keep an eye on this space ;)

And for now, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, may 2017 be filled with many exciting and sweet moments! 

with Love,

Maha, xx


How to capture the splendour of Autumn in 5 simple steps:

How to capture the splendour of Autumn in 5 simple steps:

For those of you who know me, you must have noticed for the past few weeks that I've been totally obsessing over Fall! I honestly couldn't stop enjoying it, it's so magical & it brings out your inner child, how awesome is that!

I also have been getting a lot of questions on how I took all these beautiful images, so I decided to share with you 5 simple steps on how you can capture the beauty of Fall.