#AskMahaMonday: How to Take Great Food Photos With Your Phone - Part 2/2


How to take great photos with your phone is one of the topics I am truly passionate about! Last week I explained to you the three main skills you need to master to step up your Food Photography game and take great pictures with your Phone, you can check it out HERE.

This week, I am taking you behind the scenes of how I style and shoot a photo with my phone. I get so many questions about styling, so I had to make a dedicated tutorial about it. A well styled photo is crucial to Food Photography, whether you are doing it yourself or working with a stylist, it’ll make a huge difference to the quality of your photos. The video below shows you the exact steps I take to style a photo and the creative process behind it:

I hope this inspires you to take more photos with your phone and worry less about buying new gear because the best thing you can do today, is master the camera that you have on you :)

Next week I’ll show you a video of how I edit my photos with my phone, in the meantime you can watch this video I posted a while ago of me editing photos with my phone HERE.

As always, feel free to let me know in the comments, if you have any concerns or other challenges when it comes to Food Photography and I am more than happy to help you figure them out :)

Till next week,

Love, Maha

Maha Munaf

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