#AskMahaMonday: Food photography tips to step up your game

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (8).jpg

The best kind of Monday is one that starts with extra fluffy pancakes topped with bananas, nuts and lots and lots of chocolate!

But, it's a new week and a brand new episode of #AskMahaMonday and today is all about simple tips that will help you step up your food photography game as I am sharing with you the simple process of how I usually style and photograph my food:

1. Scene setup:

I always start by deciding how I want to shoot the recipe and then set up the camera for the angle I think is best for this specific food before I start cooking. In this case, I set up my camera, and then went ahead and made the pancakes.

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (1)-.jpg

Once I added the pancakes, I wasn't very convinced with my framing, so I went ahead and got a little closer to fill the frame with pancakes.

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (3).jpg

2. Less is More!

I normally start with less and then add more interest to my scene, before I do the final touches to my food.

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (5).JPG

Here is the final shot and I am pretty pleased with it at this point :)

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (6).JPG

Let's get a little closer...isn't this just delicious!

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (7).jpg

3. Try Different things:

Once I am happy with the shot, I like to try different angles and play a little more with the food, for instance, I cut the pancakes and changed my angle and got this shot which turned out to be one of my favourites!

Maha-Munaf-Chocolate-banana-pancakes (8).jpg

Being prepared and having an idea of how you want to photograph your food saves you a lot of time on set, that being said, don't just take that one shot you had in mind, take it a step further, get in close or step away, move things around and make sure you get the most out of your setup!

As always, feel free to connect with me, leave me a comment with your questions and I'll see you next week in a brand new edition of #AskMahaMonday!



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