Welcome to The Photo Lounge


I still remember like it was yesterday....it was 2005 when I first held a DSLR in my hands, I silently wept as I looked through the pictures I just took that looked nothing like I what I saw with my eyes.

Everyone else looked like they knew what they were doing and their pictures looked way better than mine!

I was embarrassed and frustrated,  that little black box scared me but I was determined to crack the code...


Today I am on a mission helping others create the beautiful photos they have always imagined, this is why I created "The Photo Lounge", an online space for discussions, training and free downloads that will help you improve your "Food & Lifestyle" photography and create images that you love!

Whether you are new at this game or a seasoned photographer, I believe we all can learn from each other, so grab your favourite drink, a sweet treat (Cupcakes are highly recommended) and meet me at  The Photo Lounge...


Maha Munaf

Creative professional passionate about design. Photographer, Architect, Traveler and Lover of coffee & cupcakes!